Skate Programs

Learn To Skate

 -program is aimed at skaters who are just learning to skate or who want to improve their basic skating skills.  Some will take their first steps on the ice with us, while others are already mobile and ready for more skill development.  The goal is to provide children with a fun and entertaining environment in which to learn skating skills that can be used in any skating sport.

Learn to Speed Skate

-program is aimed at skaters who have basic skating skills but want to improve their skills and learn the sport of speed skating.


-program introduces more of the competitive aspects of speed skating, such as passing and tactics, and aims to refine the basic speed skating skills of less experienced skaters.  Skaters should be able to skate cross-overs, stop effectively and understand track safety.  The more advanced skaters will continue to refine their technical skills and develop racing strategies.





Inline Skating


Dry Land Training


Special Olympics