Equipment and Safety


Skate Rentals:

Rental speed skates are available for the season.  We can teach a child to skate on any type of skate.  As a child becomes proficient and wants to race, there are distinct advantages to speed skates.  Long blade skates are easier to balance on because they are curved less than hockey or figure skates.  They also provide a longer glide from each push.


Safety Equipment (Mandatory)

Helmets:  Helmets must be worn by all skaters on the ice with the fastenings closed.  Bicycle (rounded recommended), hockey and speed skating helmets are suitable.

Gloves:  Waterproof leather gloves must be worn to protect hands.  Knitted gloves or mitts are not permitted due to safety regulations. 

Body Guards:  Skaters must wear kneepads, bibbed neck guard, shin guards, and elbow pads.  If a skin is worn, the elbow pads, knee pads, knee pads and shin pads are usually already built into it.

Hard Skate Guards: All skaters must wear skate guards on the blades when off the ice.

Soft Blade Covers:  Soft blade covers are used to protect the blades and hands while not in use and to keep freshly sharpened skates sharper.

Skins:  Coaches strongly encourage the purchase of a skin.  It will enhance your child's skating experience since the knee pads and shin guards are already built into the skin.  Skins can be ordered through a group club purchase approximately $200 each.  Please keep in mind, the supplier requires a minimum of 5 to place an order.  So single skin orders are not possible.

Eye Safety:  Protective eyewear must be worn.  Goggles or safety glasses must be shatterproof.  Prescription glasses can be worn during regular practices but during a racing meet prescription sport protective eyewear is a must.